Smarter Workforce Management Software

The labor shortage sucks.
Our technology can help.

UniFocus’ Labor Management and Time & Attendance technology quickly cross utilizes your existing workforce while keeping you in compliance so you can put your best foot forward as guests return.

Learn how you can optimize the workforce you currently have by downloading our industry insider playbook.

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Workforce, Optimized

Make your biggest controllable cost your most powerful asset

Your workforce is your business’s key differentiating factor. They deliver on your experience standards and guest expectations. Deliver great service AND grow revenue by allocating staff smarter alongside precision forecasting and integrated labor budgeting.

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Perfect Payroll and Compliance, Without the Paper Trail

Spend less time managing everything between punch and paycheck

Our Time and Attendance platform equips you with automated, real-time, mobile tools that make basic terminals and manual spreadsheets a thing of the past. Fully digital. Fully auditable. Fully integrated.

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Shine with Employee and Guest Engagement

The sky’s the limit with engaged employees and happy customers

Easy-to-administer survey solutions tell you how engaged your employees and guests are in real-time. Layer in that data alongside your labor and scheduling tools and you’re sure to increase engagement, drive performance, and win.

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Work smarter, not harder

You’re only as smart as the data you have

Even the best managers can’t make an impact waiting for weekly or monthly reports. Manage your business with real-time data, customizable reporting and notifications and a feature-packed mobile app that puts timely information in your pocket.


We've Got You

ROI. Guaranteed.

UniFocus provides a 100% ROI guarantee so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a sound investment. Don’t settle for just managing labor. Optimize it.