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Become a hero to your employees.

Introducing a UniFocus and Rain partnership for early wage access

About two-thirds of the US population struggles to spend, save, borrow, and plan. In fact, many of your employees are using financial institutions like pay day loans to cash pay checks because they don't have a bank account or need access to their funds quickly.

Employers who provide financial wellness benefits like instant pay see significant results like higher engagement and reduced turnover.

UniFocus and Rain Instant Pay are teaming up to provide UniFocus partners a no-cost option to add employee financial wellness benefits, like early wage access.  

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No problem. One of our expert representatives can help you get started on the path to optimized workforce and employee satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instant Pay (aka early wage access)?

Early wage access (aka instant pay, aka same day pay, aka on-demand pay) gives employees their earnings, wages AND tips, ahead of scheduled paydays.

Currently, about 60% of employees are paid bi-weekly or semi-monthly. Where employees might currently turn to payday loans, the UniFocus and Rain partnership allows staff to access the money they have already earned when they need it.

Do employees even want early wage access?

  • 3 in 5 employees think they should not have to wait until their scheduled payday to access their earned wages. (Workforce Institute)

  • Over 50% of workers expressed a preference for early-wage access over additional paid time off. (Career Builder)

  • Nearly four in five (79%) of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. (Glassdoor)

What else does the Rain partnership offer?

While instant pay/early wage access is the primary benefit that employees will see, Rain offers a suite of financial wellness benefits and tools. Discount health and wellness programs are available and employees have access to financial wellness tools and information.

How does Rain and Instant Wage access help my employees?

Available as a secure app with a convenient log-in and simple verification system, employees will have the option to access up to 50% of their earnings after each shift, receiving the rest of their wages on their designated payday. UniFocus’ innovative and elegantly integrated, accurate tip-pooling systems, which operate in real-time, will ensure that tipped employees can equally benefit from the ability to access wages daily. All UniFocus partners using Labor Management and/or Time & Attendance will be able to seamlessly access this benefit. This will also improve your ability to attract and retain talent, especially in today’s tough labor market.

What are employer benefits of providing early wage access?

How would you like to turn on a benefit for your employees that costs you nothing and results in lower turnover, higher productivity, increased applications, higher job satisfaction, and more?

Financial stress impacts employees at their fundamental survival needs. Employers who find a way to relieve this stress position themselves to be the employer of choice.

In a recent survey of Rain users, they have seen impactful results:

  • 89.9% said they were more satisfied at work after gaining access to Rain.

  • 78.5% said having Rain made them feel less stressed, and therefore more productive.

  • 77.5% said they were more likely to refer friends to their job due to having early access to wages.

  • 68.3% said they were taking on more shifts and showing up on time due to having early access to wages.

How do UniFocus partners get started with Rain Instant Pay?

Our partnership with Rain is available to all UniFocus Labor Management and/or Time & Attendance partners. If you are interested in extending Rain benefits to your employees, contact your Partner Relationship Manager. They will work with you on the easy steps to get started.

What does it cost for UniFocus partners to use Rain Instant Pay? Nothing! We know, it sounds too good to be true. But this is why we decided to partner with Rain in the first place.

How much set-up is involved? How long does it take? Very little setup. Rain can have you set up in just a few weeks.